Why Dads Suck: One Dad's Experience with All the Kids

       Lisa has been enjoying a weekend retreat with the women from church, so I have been enjoying 3-on-1 Dad time with our girls. As a dad, I thought I'd share my experience, which is similar to what happens every time I have all 3 girls.
       When people see me with 3 girls, their face lights up with shock followed with a mixture of fear and pity. "Ooooh, Daddy's got all 3? Are you ok? How're you surviving? Etc."
       I know 3 kids is hard, but all the votes of disconfidence in dad's abilities wears a guy down. Is this what the decades of TV dad mockery has brought us to? ... Homer Simpson, King of Queens, Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, Raymond Romano, Phil Dunphy ... I know I'm risking sounding all Daddy Downer, but I feel our society has led us astray here. How competent do we believe dads truly are?! What if we, instead, spoke words of life-giving identity and empowering confidence?!
       So I extend a huge thank you to the few, awesome people who said something like one woman today with an affirming look, "Daddy's got all 3 today? Well done, Dad. Good job."
       And to the moms everywhere who are continually told they're failing yet do this every day while their husbands work, "Well done!" I say. "Good job!"
       And thank you for being awesome, my darling, Lisa Stephens!!!!!

       Your thoughts?


Sales Analytics & Social Media

We've heard people talking about patterns and asking questions, so we thought we'd post a graph of the patterns from October and April. The patterns are mostly the same. Monday and Tuesday are frequently the highest days of the week. Saturday is always the lowest.

         I don't know how helpful this is to you, but it's been helpful for us to combine this with our knowledge of when people most frequently use social media.

         We're still figuring out and tinkering what to do with this information, and we're totally open to your ideas. It's just part of our journey to better understand how to meet readers and teachers where they are and develop deeper relationships. After all, it's really hard to get to know someone when you aren't in the same place at the same time.

         Your thoughts?

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